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Bronwyn Katdaré
Coaching & Healing

Transform Mind-Body Health,
Heal Your Drama-Trauma, and Reclaim Your Mojo


Are you stressed out, stuck,
unfulfilled, or unseen?

As a Freedom and Reconnection Coach, I help Gen X women alchemically reclaim vibrant mind-body health, step into their wildest dreams in an empowered way, and spark peace and magic in their souls so they can reconnect with their heartfelt purpose.


  • I know what it's like to say, "I used to be fun" because you sacrificed your joy and magic

  • I know what it's like to wake up exhausted, feel frustrated, and continue to work so very hard for everything

  • I know what it's like to don a Superwoman cape, say "yes" to everyone, and still have a wrecking ball blow through your life

  • I know what it's like to be indecisive, overcomplicate decisions, struggle, and self-sabotage

  • I know what it's like to push through a never-ending to-do list, run on empty, and have no break from juggling all the balls

  • I know what it's like to feel stuck in the same old overwhelming story, inescapable loop of chronic stress, and stuffing down emotions 

  • ​I know what it's like to have stress symptoms take a toll on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being


  • Slowing your mind into automatic relaxation so you trust the intuitive hits

  • Waking up rested, refreshed, and with zest for life

  • Being fully present and making decisions with ease, clarity, and focus

  • Redefining your heartfelt purpose based on your true passions and reinventing a life you love

  • Showing up with confidence, thriving health, a body you love, and trust in yourself

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs, difficult emotions, and negative reactions that stand in the way of happiness and success

  • Rising above the noise because you can't and won't settle anymore

  • Shifting blocks to release the energy of stuck emotions


The Possibilities...

  • Enjoy freedom and liberation from your drama-trauma story

  • Reclaim peace and boldly redefine midlife

  • Find calm in the chaos and simplify the bullshit

  • Alleviate "mystery symptoms" associated with stress

  • Look and feel more youthful while aging powerfully and getting your groove back

  • Heal core wounds and shift out of fear by unlocking creative thought, vision, and action

  • Understand yourself on a deeper soul level and take aligned action

Let's Really Talk.

When you've had enough of not being enough, take the next step toward transformation and reconnection with who you have the potential to be!  Schedule Your FREE Calm the Chaos Clarity Consult Today.

Why Work with a Health Coach?


Alchemy: the chemical, philosophical, and magical process of turning base metals, like lead, into a valuable substance, like gold; the process of creating a universal solvent and elixir of life

The Alchemical journey toward true inner alignment and peace begins with the willingness, desire, and readiness to move into a new way of seeing the world and seeing yourself. When you live in chaos, you become addicted to chaos. You must be ready to break the cycle and really do the work. You must be prepared for everything about your life and yourself to be different - that's Alchemy! Together, we first work on relaxing the mind and reconnecting with your body and bodily wisdom. This way, your baseline of stress is lowered so you are better able to recognize the signs and symptoms of distress earlier and are better equipped with techniques and resources to handle turmoil. 

Then, we work together Shamanically, Somatically, and Symbolically* to untangle and free you from repeating patterns, thought forms, and conditioned behaviors in order to dismantle the fear, drama-trauma, and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the same old story, the same body, the same relationships, and the same life. By inquiring into symbols and symptoms that manifest from the Unconscious as messages in dreams, art, nature, and myth, we develop a relationship to soul and live a fuller, richer, more satisfying life. Hypnotherapy can be utilized to bypass the chattering of the Conscious mind and get deep into the root of the issue where we get clarity on what you really want. When you crystallize the vision for the life you really want to live, that is enough to set in motion the transformation that will lead you there. 

*3 pillars of Soul-Centered Coaching, Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching*

Read more on the  My Journey into Freedom and ReconnectionMy Qualifications, and Services pages!

Schedule your FREE Calm the Chaos Clarity Consult here.

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The Alchemical Transformation of Body, Mind, and Soul 

Success Stories

Success Stories

"A session with Bronwyn is like a beautiful dream where the anxieties of the real world fall away and anything is possible." 

— Jess, California

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