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Meet Bronwyn Katdaré, "Coach Kat"

M.A., B.S. (Hons)

See me on the Transcending the Ordinary Podcast and the Global Conscious Health Summit 2.0
Jungian Soul-Centered Life Coach
Integrative Holistic Health Coach

Plant-Based Nutrition Educator
Shamanic Healer
Reiki Master
Akashic Records Consultant

Kundalini Awakening Yoga Teacher
Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Field Mitigation

If you are interested in my education credentials, take a gander at the "My Qualifications" page. 


The good things about stories are that they can be edited or completely rewritten. Read about my trauma, stress, and burn out story here, and how that story propelled me into the world of Coaching and Healing.


My Journey: I've had a keen interest in physical fitness and in what I ate since childhood.  By the age of 10, I became a vegetarian because I loved animals and never wanted to see them hurt, and later transitioned into a gluten- and grain-free whole-food plant-based vegan lifestyle due to health and environmental reasons. I was a cheerleader for over a decade, ran distance track, and participated in, as well as led, military science expeditions. I was an athlete!


I grew up the child of an alcoholic father and an emotionally neglectful, difficult mother. After decades of enduring and suppressing emotional and psychological abuse and trauma from childhood and sexual assault in my teen years, I was left submissive, untrusting, introverted, and fearful of everyone and everything.


Surprisingly, I also had a strong will and an attitude of fierce independence. I attribute this to both growing up too fast and to my connection with the spirit world, animals, and nature. My earliest memory of Shamanic initiation came at age 3 during a dream dismemberment. I had always heard animals speak and had a special connection with a tree in my backyard. I had spirit friends who both played with me and protected me. I saw an apparition of my father shortly after he passed away, when I was just 8 years old. 


During my junior year of college, I experienced my first of several deep spiritual emergencies from academic pressures, having a romantic relationship with a cheater, and sharing an apartment with a psychologically abusive roommate. I literally lost my way. One day while walking across campus, I couldn’t remember where I was going, how to get to my car, or, really, where I was or what year it was. I experienced a stress-induced physical health crisis (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) that halted my planned Army career as well as my major in Kinesiology (Exercise Science). After losing my military-based scholarship due to my health status, I gained 20 lbs in a weekend and another 20 on top of it, numbed out, transferred colleges, and grasped every educational opportunity I could find that might make me feel whole again - make me feel worthy again -  because I had always felt rewarded by learning.


During grad school, my anxiety and depression were at an all-time high and I started experiencing episodes of dissociation from parts of my body. This usually happened in high-stress classes, when speaking with men, and if the topic of sexual abuse was ever broached. The tipping point came when someone I trusted held a gun to my head and led me through a harrowing night. I just didn’t have the tools to process this in addition to everything I had been through in my life. 


It was at this time, that a dear friend introduced me to Reiki as a way to temper stress and anxiety. As emotional blocks were diminishing from the Reiki, I started to see the world in full color and started to “feel” where I had protected myself with numbness. I became a Reiki Master and continued my journey into Shamanism.


This discussion would not be complete without bringing up my eating habits. Although I was vegan, gluten-free, and a teetotaler, I used to have a wicked sweet-tooth! Sugar was my addiction. Sugar was my drug of choice. It was my energy booster. My friend. My misery. I did not love myself; in fact, I loathed myself. Sugar helped me feel good. It helped me feel less lonely when I was in a relationship with someone who was never around physically or emotionally. Ironically, sugar gave me the crash I needed in order to sleep. It was never what I really needed and, eventually, I started not to get “high” from sugar anymore so I plummeted.


The effects of emotional trauma, stress, and toxins accumulated and settled into my body, wreaking havoc with my hormones and my microbiome ("the gut").  The autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's thyroiditis) left me up and down and clouded with brain fog. I was diagnosed with chronic anxiety and PTSD, seasonal affective disorder and depression, leaky gut (from food sensitivities and sugar), overactive bladder (from stress), atherosclerosis (from stress), arthritis (from food sensitivities and stress), and malabsorption of nutrients leading to malnutrition (from leaky gut).  I was a mess! 


I had enough and decided to take back the power over my own health. Why weren't doctors addressing the underlying CAUSE?! Simply, my dear, it's not what they're trained to do. Intuitively, I understood that I could heal myself by really listening to the messages - the SYMPTOMS - my body had given me.  I believe that symptoms are a cry for help because somewhere within you, needs are not being met. These needs could be physical, mental, or spiritual, but the fact is, they are not being met.


My body was well-adapted at holding the score until I went on a dogged pursuit of breaking through the trauma-energy blocking my path to health and freedom. This final episode resulted in having a heart attack at a young age. That heart attack was my beacon on a foggy night. In an instant, the blocks were literally gone! 


I don't want you to continue living your wounds. I am conscious living proof of how my unique curation of tools can transform your life! They each helped me weather the toughest storms, the fears, the ugly thoughts about myself and brought me the strength – the power -  to kick sugar addiction once and for all; to connect with, trust, and act on my intuition; and for the first time, to hold a sense of peace deep within myself. The Cardiologist said if not for my lifestyle, the heart attack would have been so much worse and I would not have been able to bounce back as quickly and with as little intervention as I did.  

I was inspired and empowered to change my story and I am here to help you change yours!  

As a coach, I put the POWER back in YOUR hands. 

You've read a little about what I've overcome. Are you curious about how coaching can help you? 

Take the next step and become a success story!

Let’s talk. Schedule a Consultation call with me today.


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Bronwyn Katdaré
Coaching & Healing

A Transformative Approach to Health, Life, and Healing.

Nourish Verve. Nourish Vitality. Nourish Wellness.
Why Work with a Health Coach?

Transform from the Inside Out 








Each of us deeply longs for meaning - to live a life that is fulfilling, joyful, and significant. Soul is a concept that makes meaning in life, both for individuals and for groups and organizations. Depth, Jungian, and Transpersonal Psychology enables us to establish context when we are struggling to find meaning and to take compelling, positive action to fulfill our true potential.

By inquiring into symbols and symptoms that manifest from the Unconscious to each of us as messages in dreams, art, nature, and myth, we develop a relationship to soul and live a fuller, richer, more satisfying life. When we put attention and intention to the Source of Our Unconscious Longing, we are in service to SOUL. It is here that symptoms are transformed and life takes on new meaning. 

The journey toward true inner peace begins with the willingness to hold a vision for a new way of seeing the world, seeing yourself, and really living. No matter how much you have suffered and struggled, you have the power to hold a vision for a better life! Untangling and freeing ourselves from the patterns, thought forms, and conditioned behaviors we were taught to believe is what is required to reunite with the truth of who we are. Inner peace , love, and wholeness are attainable by dismantling the fear, trauma, and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in the same old story, the same body, the same relationships, and the same life. When you crystallize your vision for the life you really want to live, that is enough to set in motion the transformation that will lead you there. I'm here to remind you that it is safe to  be here and to affirm that you are ready to live with peace, freedom, and verve!

Read more on about Transforming Your Health and Life on the My Qualifications page!

Dig Into the Deeper Causes of Illness & Ways to Heal

The body has an innate wisdom and ability to heal (if given half a chance).

Discover how placing conditions on your life is linked to illness or struggle and articulate patterns that are preventing healing. Dive into your body and soul to uncover what they have been trying to communicate to you.

Improve Sleep, Energy, & Imagination

How is your sleep (or lack of sleep) affecting your health? What wisdom comes to you in dreams?


Sleep deprivation results in: weight gain; increased risk of chronic disease; increased risk of accidents, errors, and injuries; a decline in cognitive function; and increased anxiety.


Get in touch with your natural  rhythms to increase your sleep, energy, creativity, and productivity, and improve your mood.

Toxins: Product, Environment, & Electromagnetic Frequency Fields (EMF)

What part do chemicals play in the way you feel?

What "invisible" factors lurk inside and outside of your home that cause "mystery symptoms"?

Unblock, detox, and energize from the inside-out.

Approach Life From a Place of Nourishment Rather Than Disconnection 

Incorporate Soul Food with Physical Food.


Health is not just what you are eating but also what you are feeding your soul. 

How does stress and burn out affect you? What things in your life drain your energy and leave you feeling depleted and exhausted?






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Stop Being the Poison & Become the Healing

This is not superficial motivation and changing your mindset to something positive. 

This is not fluff.


We dive deep into your unconscious, your soul, your spiritual power, your true potential so you can HEAL.

You'll know you are ready to become the healing when you can no longer live in disharmony with yourself.

Learn to Rewrite Your Story, Be Confident, & Truly Love Yourself
Discover the language of the Earth - the language of metaphor and symbols - speaking through you.

Free writing in a journal.

Working with dreams.

Creating an Inner Monastery.

Using fairy tales or Shadow work to rewrite your story and to see what else is possible. 

Getting real with yourself by talking with your body.
Success Stories

Success Stories

"Coach Kat, Thank you so much for your out-of-the box recommendations! It opened up some insights into the last few years of my life. I have been baking new recipes. Thank you so much for our conversations and suggestions. Your suggestions were perfect in my case. I am so happy that you chose this path, you are a natural coach. Many thanks, peace and blessings on you & your work. ”

— Dr. M. McKale

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