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Bronwyn Katdaré
Coaching & Healing

A Transformative Approach to Mind-Body Health, Stress Relief, and Healing.

Nourishing Body, Mind, and Soul to Prevent Stress from Turning into Symptoms.

Are you stressed out, burned out, or

We all have a unique set of health needs, but we all need to manage stress.

I help Gen X women who are stressed out, burned out, and overwhelmed alchemically reclaim vibrant mind-body health, step into their wildest dreams in an empowered way, and decrease stress while sparking peace and magic in their souls so their stress doesn't turn into physical symptoms.


  • I know what it's like to wake up at 3am and not be able to fall back asleep because your mind is racing

  • I know what it's like to have sleep anxiety and wake up exhausted only to hit the snooze button multiple times

  • I know what it's like to constantly feel like you're running on empty but you continually push through

  • I know what it's like to be indecisive, overcomplicate decisions, and have difficulty concentrating through the brain fog

  • I know what it's like to have a never-ending to-do list and no break from stressors

  • I know what it's like to feel stuck in the same old overwhelming story and inescapable loop of chronic stress

  • ​I know what it's like to have stress symptoms take a toll on your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being


  • Slowing your mind into automatic relaxation

  • Waking up rested, refreshed, and with zest for life

  • Being fully present and making decisions with ease, clarity, and focus

  • Accelerating healing and recovery of your body, while soothing inflammation and premature aging

  • Showing up with confidence, thriving health, a body you love, and trust in yourself

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs, difficult emotions, and negative reactions that stand in the way of happiness and success

  • Creating easy-to-prepare nutritious meals that give you the energy to do the things you love

  • Moving your body in a way that shifts blocks to release the energy of stuck emotions


The Possibilities...

  • Enjoy freedom

  • Reclaim peace

  • Find calm in the chaos

  • Alleviate "mystery symptoms"

  • Look and feel more youthful

  • Heal core wounds and shift out of fear by unlocking creative thought, vision, and action

  • Allow your body the opportunity to live in a rest-digest-relax-and-repair state 

  • Prevent your stress from turning into symptoms

Let's Really Talk.

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Why Work with a Health Coach?


Alchemy: the chemical, philosophical, and magical process of turning base metals, like lead, into a valuable substance, like gold; the process of creating a universal solvent and elixir of life

The Alchemical journey toward true inner peace begins with the willingness, desire, and readiness to move into your vision for a new way of seeing the world and seeing yourself. When you live in chaos, you become addicted to chaos. You must be ready to break the cycle and really do the work. You must be prepared for everything about your life and yourself to be different - that's Alchemy! Together, we first work on the more obvious ways of reducing your stress: relaxing the body and mind, working toward optimal functioning of the body through nutrition and movement, and looking at environmental factors affecting your health. This way, your baseline of stress is lowered so you are better able to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress and distress earlier and are better equipped with techniques and resources to handle stress. 

Then, we work together Shamanically, Somatically, and Symbolically* to untangle and free you from repeating patterns, thought forms, and conditioned behaviors in order to dismantle the fear, trauma, and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in the same old story, the same body, the same relationships, and the same life. By inquiring into symbols and symptoms that manifest from the Unconscious to each of us as messages in dreams, art, nature, and myth, we develop a relationship to soul and live a fuller, richer, more satisfying life. When we put attention and intention to the Source of Our Unconscious Longing (SOUL), symptoms are transformed and life takes on new meaning. Hypnotherapy can be utilized to bypass the chattering of the Conscious mind and get deep into the root of the issue where we focus on what you want to achieve. When you crystallize the vision for the life you really want to live, that is enough to set in motion the transformation that will lead you there. 

(*3 pillars of Soul-Centered Coaching, Institute for Soul-Centered Psychology and Coaching)


I'm here to remind you that it is safe to  be here and to affirm that you are ready to live with peace, freedom, and verve!

Read more on the  My JourneyMy Qualifications, and Services pages!

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The Alchemical Transformation of Body, Mind, and Soul 

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Dig Into the Deeper Causes of Illness & Ways to Heal

The body has an innate wisdom and ability to heal (if given half a chance).

Discover how placing conditions on your life is linked to illness or struggle and articulate patterns that are preventing healing. Dive into your body and soul to uncover what they have been trying to communicate to you.

Improve Sleep, Energy, & Imagination

How is your sleep (or lack of sleep) affecting your health? What wisdom comes to you in dreams?


Sleep deprivation results in: weight gain; increased risk of chronic disease; increased risk of accidents, errors, and injuries; a decline in cognitive function; and increased anxiety.


Get in touch with your natural  rhythms to increase your sleep, energy, creativity, and productivity, and improve your mood.

Toxins: Product, Environment, & Electromagnetic Frequency Fields (EMF)

What part do chemicals play in the way you feel?

What "invisible" factors lurk inside and outside of your home that cause "mystery symptoms"?

Unblock, detox, and energize from the inside-out.

Approach Life From a Place of Nourishment Rather Than Disconnection 

Incorporate Soul Food with Physical Food.


Health is not just what you are eating but also what you are feeding your soul. 

How does stress and burn out affect you? What things in your life drain your energy and leave you feeling depleted and exhausted?



Ready to Begin? 



Stop Being the Poison & Become the Healing

This is not superficial motivation and changing your mindset to something positive. 

This is not fluff.


We dive deep into your unconscious, your soul, your spiritual power, your true potential so you can HEAL.

You'll know you are ready to become the healing when you can no longer live in disharmony with yourself.

Learn to Rewrite Your Story, Be Confident, & Truly Love Yourself
Discover the language of the Earth - the language of metaphor and symbols - speaking through you.

Free writing in a journal.

Working with dreams.

Creating an Inner Monastery.

Using fairy tales or Shadow work to rewrite your story and to see what else is possible. 

Getting real with yourself by talking with your body.
Success Stories

Success Stories

"A session with Bronwyn is like a beautiful dream where the anxieties of the real world fall away and anything is possible." 

— Jess, California

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