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What is Juice Plus+?

By Coach Kat, Feb. 17, 2019, copyright Bronwyn Katdaré 2019

Are you eating over 30 VARIETIES of fruits and vegetables DAILY? Are they picked at the peak of ripeness so they have the highest nutritional content? Are you trying to give yourself a nutritional boost with synthetic vitamins, minerals, and supplements?

Let’s see how you can do better for yourself and better for your kiddos.

Just a few short months ago, I was taking 24 vitamin supplements per day and choking them down with an Apple Cider Vinegar and water mixture. My friends endured seeing me do this daily for years. Suddenly, I cut my 24 pill/day habit down to 2 chewables. How? Why? What difference did it make?

I thought I was doing “good” for my body with those 24 pills but, really, I felt better not taking them. My wallet was happier when I didn’t buy them, too! I still felt like I needed “something,” though. Friends introduced me to Juice Plus+ by way of telling me about the changes in their bodies (no more constipation, hair and nails growing faster, having more energy, clear skin, glowing skin). Sound too good to be true? Well, no, not when you understand what the product is and the indisputable benefits of fruits and vegetables. Keep reading and at the end I’ll tell you how I’ve benefited from these products.

Juice Plus + (which is an awful name for this product, in my opinion) is made from the juice powder concentrates and oils of fruit, stem, and seeds from more than 40 different fruits, vegetables, and grains to bridge the gap between what you are eating and what you should be eating. They are as simple as it gets: whole food nutrition – all Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO Organic. They are tested by a third party (National Sanitation Foundation) to be completely free of any contaminants: pesticides, mold, bacteria, radiation, etc. The foods are vine ripened, which is the key to optimal nutrition, then juiced and dried carefully so all nutrients stay intact. In this form, you absorb 100% of their nutrition and those nutrients are utilized by your cells within 5 minutes of taking them. Most vitamins are not recognized by your body nor are they absorbed fully into your bloodstream, making them a waste of money because you just excrete them in your urine. With Juice Plus+, there is no digesting that needs to take place – they go right into the blood. They’re not vitamins, synthetic or man-made. They are foods made from the Earth.

Now you understand WHAT Juice Plus+ is but HOW can it help you? You may have heard the quote from Hippocrates, “Food is medicine.” In fact, food is the MOST powerful medicine. As a nation, we are overmedicated, overfed, and malnourished because people fail to realize that the answer to lower disease and dis-ease in the body does NOT lie in more medications but in the foods we eat. Over the last 50 years, foods have become less nourishing due to herbicides/pesticides, over-farming of land, and the depletion of minerals in soil. Therefore, dietary choices can either build health or destroy it.

Fruits, vegetables, and the ancient grains (quinoa, amaranth, millet, buckwheat) have been studied and determined to play a role in helping lung health, dental health, heart health, oxidative stress and immune health, DNA protection for fetuses, DNA repair, exercise recovery, antioxidant status, reducing inflammation, and children’s health. In the last 30 years, Juice Plus+ itself has had over 38 published studies proving its role in all of those categories. To date, there is nothing else on the market that has that much research. Most supplements have NO research. Remember, most people pee out their expensive prenatal and multi-vitamins because the body does not know how to breakdown anything synthetic or man-made. We were built for food. Real, live, raw, whole food is the most powerful form of medicine there will ever be.

Fruits and vegetables are filled with enzymes, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that we need to optimally function and thrive. How many servings and varieties of organic fruits and veggies are you getting EVERYDAY? Even being a completely Whole-Food Plant-Based Vegan, I still struggled with that amount of variety, both from a grocery standpoint and a financial standpoint. You have NO IDEA how much better I feel internally from adding Juice Plus+ to my daily diet. But I’m about to tell you!

I have had chronic insomnia since childhood. I was never a good sleeper. When I did sleep, I woke up exhausted and had a hard time getting moving. My doctor said I was “just wired that way.” I have always eaten well and I do not consume caffeine or alcohol. In the last 2 years, I have gotten off sugar. Nevertheless, I still was not sleeping. In November 2018, I started taking the Juice Plus+ chews and within a week, I went from getting 2-3 hours of sleep to 5-6 hours per night. I was awakening rested for the first time in my life! It is now February 2019 and I am regularly getting about 7 hours of sleep per night. I am even dreaming! This is enough of a benefit for me, but there is more.

Two years ago, I made a horrendous decision that altered how I felt about myself: I cut off all of my very long hair. It was not stylish. I felt masculine. I felt ugly. I felt anything but sensual. I hated that I cut my hair and I hated myself. Now, you might be thinking, “In two years, your hair should have grown 12 inches and that would put it well below your shoulders, so quit crying about it.” You’re right. In two years, my hair should have grown 12 inches but it didn’t. It grew half that. Since I started taking the chews, my hair has sprung to life! The natural curl has come back, it is healthy (no split ends), and it is resting slightly below my shoulders.

My fingernails are so strong that it is difficult to use the clippers on them! My skin glows, the hereditary dark circles under my eyes are not as dark anymore, and my hormones seem to be balanced. I have endless energy throughout the day, no soreness in my body, and my digestion is stellar. I still don’t get sick. Juice Plus+ will be my nutrition powerhouse for a lifetime.

I don’t have children but I know plenty of you do. When you order Juice Plus+ for yourself and enroll your child (up to age 18 OR throughout college if they are full-time students!) in the Family Health study, the children get their whole-food nutrition from Juice Plus+ for FREE!!! Let me say that again. The kids get their Juice Plus+ for FREE! Can you imagine how OUTSTANDING your health would be now if someone started you on this during your childhood? All of those food-related behavior problems would be out-the-window and you would have approached life with vigor!

Juice Plus+ is the nutrition that I use in my FUEL and VERVE health coaching programs. If I believe enough in a product to use it myself and stake my reputation on it, you should give it a try!

Does anybody else need to up-level their nutrition? For more information on all of the Juice Plus+ products, go to my Juice Plus+ website at:

If you are having trouble choosing what product would be best for you, enroll in my FUEL program and we can talk it over! Read over all of my programs at:

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