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Wipe Off the Grime, the Gunk, & the Funk with these DIY Wipes

By Coach Kat, July 17, 2020, copyright Bronwyn Katdaré 2020

Going camping? On a picnic? Need to clean up quickly after a workout but don't have time for a shower? Try this DIY recipe for wipes that work from your face to your feet.


Paper towels

Glass jar or storage container


1 3/4 c Hot Water

1 Tbsp Witch Hazel

1 Tbsp Aloe

1 Tbsp Castile Soap

1 Tsp Almond or Olive Oil

Essential Oils


1. Cut a roll of paper towels in half.

2. Remove card board roll from center.

3. Squeeze and stuff into a large glass jar or container.

4. Boil water.

5. Mix hot water, witch hazel, aloe, castile soap, almond or olive oil, and the essential oils of your choice.

6. Pour liquid over paper towels. Allow to soak.

I like to use tea tree oil and Thieves (Young Living) for their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Store-bought wipes seem to leave a residue but these do not. I'm loving them. I use them to clean my face, and they nicely remove all of my make up, including mascara. They also work well on my armpits, feet, and nether regions.

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