Coming Jan. - Holistic Health Coaching

If stress & burnout are wreaking havoc on your body, mind, & spirit, this program is for you!

  • 45 minutes
  • 2,200 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

A 4 month journey like no other! These are the areas that we'll be focusing on in your journey. Transform Your Body, Permanently You’ll gain powerful mind-body practices that rapidly and permanently transform every marker of your own health and fitness - from your strength and flexibility, to your gut health and longevity, and much more. Retune Your Mind For Lifelong Health & Fitness By diving deep into your subconscious mind, you’ll reprogram the patterns, habits, and elements of your self-image that are silently sabotaging your wellness - erasing all resistance from your health transformation, and allowing it to stay with you for life. Heal Your Body & Reverse Aging You’ll harness science-based protocols optimized to accelerate healing and recovery in your body, while turning back the clock on premature aging - so they can start looking and feeling younger than ever. Level Up Your Nutrition Explore the latest findings in optimal nutrition and gut health to help you discover your unique dietary needs - and create a personalized nutrition game plan that you can stick to with ease. Master Your Metabolism Get a step-by-step game plan for increasing your metabolic turnover rate and optimize your body’s internal functions, reverse aging, and raise your overall health baseline, while keeping your body in your optimal weight range. Achieve Peak Productivity & Personal Power Experience a quantum leap in your confidence, self-identity, and effectiveness in your personal and professional life, as you step into a body that rockets you toward your biggest goals and dreams. Details coming soon!

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