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Kundalini Yoga: Living Room Series

Move Stuck Energy Out of Your Body and Awaken Your Energy, Soul, & Potential

  • 1 h
  • $140
  • Online Download

Service Description

The "Living Room Series" of Kundalini Awakening Yoga videos. No frills. No fancy lighting or video equipment. Just me (& you!) in the living room doing yoga & meditation. The foundation of this course is Kundalini Awakening Yoga known for creating fast & lasting results. This course is a game changer! You will feel physically, emotionally, & spiritually different after each practice. You do not need to understand the chakra system or have a degree in Biochemistry to benefit from this course. Kundalini Energy is your untapped potential. Kundalini Awakening Yoga works by raising your Kundalini Energy by moving energy through your chakras, up the spine, & reaching the crown chakra where it changes your brain chemistry by activating the pituitary & pineal glands. Benefits: releases fears, increases creativity, removes limiting beliefs and patterns, boosts confidence, improves communication, increases intuition, creates awareness, & connects you to love & trust. Features of Kundalini Awakening Yoga Course: •Four approximately 35-minute Kundalini Awakening Yoga practices designed to release fear, break patterns that hold you back, open your heart, & connect to your intuition •One meditation practice to be completed daily during your 40-day course •Explore deeper inquiry through weekly Journal Prompts •Instructional manual that guides you through what to do & when •No postures or levels to master •Appropriate for beginners to advanced, modifications are described in the manual •All content is available as Digital Download via Dropbox (must be downloaded to your device!) so you can experience the course over and over on your own time. •Priceless investment in yourself because you are worth it **Disclaimer** *Bronwyn Katdaré strongly recommends NOT participating in the Course during pregnancy. *Should you have any concerns or doubts about your health or ability to practice & follow along with the Course safely, please act prudently & do not participate. *Every person’s body may respond differently to the practice and even a perfectly held posture can result in wounds, sprains, muscle strains, bodily injuries, & heart attacks. While unlikely, it is possible any of these injuries can lead to death during practice. *Bronwyn Katdaré in no way represents that she has any knowledge or expertise in evaluating the health or fitness of Course participants. **NO professional A/V equipment. Light, focus, and sound may vary.** **Clip at:

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