Soul-Centered Coaching

Coaching based on Jungian, Depth, & Transpersonal Psychologies

  • 1 hour
  • Varies
  • Online

Service Description

Soul-Centered Coaching is designed to assist individuals through what Carl Gustav Jung called Individuation, the process of becoming a self-actualized, fully-spiritually-developed human being. This is what I like to call "Becoming Whole in Your Soul." This highly-creative process includes: ~Using visualization, active imagination, and dreamwork for guidance ~Working with emotions in a creative way by engaging with the Shadow ~Using symbols that show up in your everyday life for transformation ~Uncovering beliefs, complexes, and archetypal patterns that continuously show up in your life ~Managing your mind through meditation, self-inquiry, and other spiritual or energetic modalities to connect with higher guidance Breakthroughs do not happen through goal-setting. They do not happen through effort and striving. This results in a cycle of constant, striving, struggling, and either failing to attain the goal or attaining the goal and needing to make a new goal to start the cycle all over. Breakthroughs happen when you open spaces to deep wisdom and intelligent energy. You already hold the answers you seek. Features: •50 minute private session •Client-driven topics that nourish your personal well-being •Email support between sessions during office hours •Free 30 day trial membership to the Aura app for mindfulness and wellbeing •Priceless investment in yourself because you are worth it *Consultation must be completed before enrolling in any program.* Single session: $175. Recommended for those who have completed the consultation and a full program and wish to have maintenance sessions. 3 Month Program: $2000. 9 sessions consisting of coaching plus 1 bonus healing session. (Distance healing only). 6 Month Program: $4500 (Recommended). 16 sessions of coaching plus 2 bonus healing sessions and recorded meditation. (Distance healing only). 12 Month Program: $10,500. 28 sessions of coaching plus Soul Purpose Akashic healing program (4 sessions), 2 Shamanic healings, 2 Reiki sessions, recorded Kundalini Awakening Yoga program, and recorded meditation. (Distance healing only).

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