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Soul Magic: Soul-Centered Coaching

Transform Your Stress Symptoms into Wisdom, Peace, and Divine Health

  • 1 hour
  • Varies
  • Online

Service Description

(Available as GROUP or INDIVIDUAL) Soul: a healing life force that unifies all things; that which makes meaning possible; the depth of meaning; the imagination; the imaginative possibility of the self and experiences Soul-Centered Coaching is designed to assist clients through what Carl Jung called Individuation, the process of becoming a self-actualized, fully-spiritually-developed human being. This is what I like to call "Becoming Whole in Your Soul." It is a process of self-exploration with the unconscious to overcome limiting beliefs, difficult emotions, and negative reactions that stand in the way of happiness and success. Soul-Centered Coaching works with the imagination because the soul speaks in images - identifying, involving, and interacting with images that allow the client to come into some new relationship with unconscious material. This process helps clients create new insights, possibilities, and growth in their lives that makes change happen in all areas of their lives. This highly-creative process includes: ~Using visualization, active imagination, and dreamwork for guidance ~Working with emotions by engaging with the Shadow ~Using symbols and metaphors that show up in your everyday life for transformation ~Uncovering beliefs, complexes, and archetypal patterns that continuously show up in your life ~Managing your mind by opening awareness and dropping into an expanded state to engage with the unconscious Your life is lived from the inside out. If you only focus on the outer goals, you will end up running in circles because the inside has to change, as well. Breakthroughs happen when you open spaces to deep wisdom and intelligent energy. Your soul holds the answers you seek. Features: •60-90 minute group or private sessions, packages, or programs •Client-driven topics that nourish your personal well-being •Email support between sessions during office hours •Free 30 day trial membership to the Aura app for mindfulness and wellbeing •Bonus Mini-Healing •Priceless investment in yourself because you are worth it **When purchased simultaneously with Health Coaching, you receive a discount and a Bonus mini Akashic Records reading. *Clarity Consult must be completed before enrolling in any program.* Contact me to schedule a consultation:

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