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STRESS: The gap between demands (perceived or real) and capacity (perceived or real). When demands exceed capacity, stress is initiated through physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social lenses. Your "Stress Signature" is how stress shows up through signs and symptoms. Symptoms are a message for you to make an adjustment. I believe physical or psychological symptoms have at least one underlying root cause in the spiritual. Symptoms are a call to connect with soul, to ask what needs or desires are being ignored or going unmet. Symptoms are the last-ditch effort to alert people to be honest with themselves. Ignoring the symptoms can turn dangerous, even deadly.

OK, Gen X, we're at a crossroad. Your life isn't what you expected. You haven't felt like yourself in...decades. Some of you may find yourself stuck in your same old story. You had an existential crisis and tried to push yourself out of it (as you always do) with "life hacks" that were just glossy spiritual bypasses so you could feel better for the moment. You've been striving and struggling, and going and doing, and wearing "busyness" as a badge of honor. You probably have "mystery symptoms" and your doctor tells you you're fine but you don't feel fine! You feel empty because your needs and desires have gone unmet - and you want that doctor or guru to tell you how to fix it! You want external answers for an internal problem. I get it - I've been there! Let me be the first to tell you - you have a voice and a choice in how to live your "one wild and precious life!" 

Listen, I know change can be challenging or scary, and I'm here to help you break through those limiting beliefs and rock the life of your dreams. Together we'll unlock your mind and free your soul to get you into a state of high vibration where you awaken your limitless true self and potential. 

You will have the tools to live a purposeful, healthy, and luminous life! Remember, I've been there.  I can help you fearlessly reimagine how your life can be, feel, and expand when you've reconnected to your inspiration, creativity, and full potential.

Get Ready to Nourish Yourself Body, Mind, and Soul

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