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Hypnotherapy For What's Holding You Back

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Service Description

Trained by World Renowned Author and Hypnotherapist, Paul McKenna, and backed by Mindvalley!!! Find Your Freedom. The Conscious mind is our everyday thinking mind. The Conscious mind chatters, analyzes, tells stories (sometimes untrue), and keeps itself occupied. Hypnotherapy bypasses the Conscious mind and all of its busyness. Hypnotherapy works with the Unconscious/Subconscious mind. The Unconscious/Subconscious mind contains all of your wisdom, memories, and intelligence. It is the source of your creativity and regulates all autonomic bodily processes. Hypnotherapy works with this level of mind by creating deep relaxation and specific guidance. Hypnotherapy and NLP are modern psychological techniques that dive to the subconscious root of the problem, focus on what you want to achieve, and change the way you think so you get results and feel more in control of circumstances. Why struggle when you can FEEL GOOD? So, What's Holding You Back? Hypnotherapy can help with: ~Relaxation ~Confidence and Positive Emotion ~Removing the emotional charge from a past event ~Phobias ~Limiting beliefs, self-sabotage ~Changing behaviors of Compulsions and Addictions -(smoking, drinking, or over-indulging in sweets) ~Weight management ~Sleep issues ~Peak performance (Athletes, CEOs, Artists, etc.) and goal setting for the future ~Pain issues 1 Session: 90 minutes, includes a consultation and hypnotherapy session. 3 Sessions: Because as we work together, we peel back the layers of different issues, you may want to choose 3 sessions in advance to address the issues as we go along. One 60-90 minute session, 2 sessions at 30-60 minutes. 6 Session program: Six week breakthrough process to work on presenting problems. Change your habits. Allow forgiveness. Release past emotions. Change limiting beliefs. Integrate opposing parts of your mind. Future pace your goals. Some issues may need more sessions and/or the addition of health coaching or soul-centered coaching.

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