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STRESS: The gap between demands (perceived or real) and capacity (perceived or real). When demands exceed capacity, stress is initiated through physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social lenses. Your "Stress Signature" is how stress shows up through signs and symptoms. Symptoms are a message for you to make an adjustment. I believe physical or psychological symptoms have at least one underlying root cause in the spiritual. Symptoms are a call to connect with soul, to ask what needs or desires are being ignored or going unmet. Symptoms are the last-ditch effort to alert people to be honest with themselves. Ignoring the symptoms can turn dangerous, even deadly.

Hey, Gen X! How's your stress level? I'm willing to bet - because I've been there - you don't sleep very well, have some digestive issues (whether you recognize them as such or not) or aches and pains, and have brain fog. You might have been given a diagnosis by your doctor or told you're headed to one if you don't slow down. Some of you may be worried about becoming irrelevant as you get older and find yourself stuck in your story. Did you have an existential crisis and try to push yourself out of it (as you always do) with "inner work" that was more of a glossy spiritual bypass so you could talk yourself into feeling better for the moment... but you still feel like you're a member of The Breakfast Club? How many years (or decades) have you been striving, and going, and doing, and wearing "busyness" as a badge of honor? I ask you -Are you really too busy to live in your fullest potential and best health?

Listen, I know change can be challenging or scary, but Coaches are experts in facilitating change.  As a Coach, I am a guide who empowers YOU to articulate and achieve your needs and desires within a supportive environment.  Programs focus on the whole person...loving connections, physical activity, home environment, spirituality, intuition, and overall lifestyle. Explore how to unravel the knot of daily habits, limiting beliefs, and emotional debris that block your ability to truly heal. Clients learn to tune into their own intuition and tap into their healing consciousness and inner wisdom to optimize their health and awaken their limitless, true self. You will reclaim peace, find calm in the chaos of your current life, and live from an empowered yet relaxed state of being... so your stress doesn't turn into symptoms.

My intention is for you to leave our sessions with a clearer vision of who you are, the growth you are moving toward, and the techniques to help you reach your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health goals much easier. You will have the tools to live a purposeful, healthy, and luminous life! Remember, I've been there and now I'm thriving on the other side - and I want that for you, too!





Get Ready to Nourish Yourself Body, Mind, and Soul

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