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In this world where "busyness" is worn as a badge of honor, it’s rare for anyone to take an hour to explore their well-being with a trained professional.  Are you really too busy to live your fullest potential?


Coaches are experts in facilitating change.  As a coach, I am a guide who empowers YOU to articulate and achieve your needs and desires within a supportive environment.  Programs focus on the whole person...loving connections, physical activity, home environment, spirituality, intuition, and overall lifestyle. Explore how to unravel the knot of daily habits, limiting beliefs, and emotional debris that block your ability to truly heal. Coaching programs are for clients who desire to untangle and free themselves from coping mechanisms, belief patterns, and physical illness triggered by emotions linked to external experiences (ie., trauma, stress, and burn out) and discharge wounded energy from the physical body and subtle energetic body. I believe that physical or psychological symptoms have at least one underlying root cause in the spiritual. Symptoms are a call to connect with Soul, to ask what needs or desires are being ignored or going unmet. Clients learn to tune into their own intuition and tap into their healing consciousness and inner wisdom to optimize their health and awaken their limitless, true self.

My intention is for you to leave our sessions with a clearer vision of who you are and the growth you are moving toward. You will have the tools to live a purposeful, healthy, and luminous life!





Get ready to nourish yourself body, mind, and soul!

As a Shaman, as someone who works with energy of the subtle body, and as a practitioner of functional medicine, I am apt to say most (if not all) physical or psychological symptoms have at least one underlying root cause in the spiritual. So, how does a spiritual matter manifest in the physical?

E=Mc2.  This is Einstein's famous equation proving that energy and mass (matter) are interchangeable. They are simply different forms of the same thing. Energy must find a way of being expressed, whether verbally or through disease. The pressure resulting in the body when emotions are not let out, is energy working its way into matter (the physical or psychological manifestation of the symptom). 

Symptoms are a call to connect with soul, to ask what needs or desires are being ignored or going unmet. Symptoms are the last-ditch effort to alert people to be honest with themselves. Ignoring the symptoms can turn dangerous, even deadly.

There are so many dimensions to health and healing. Here are examples of aspects we may work on, whether in workshops, sessions, or retreats:

  • Causes of Inflammation (some are quite surprising!), especially Toxins and EMF

  • Letting It Go - Clutter, Weight Issues, Sugar CravingsElimination Diets, and Detoxes

  • Confidence Creation, De-Bunking Limiting Beliefs, and Rewriting Your Story

  • Trauma and Soul-loss that Causes Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Struggle

  • Anxiety, Stress, and Burn Out

  • Energy Healing Practices Designed to Compassionately Balance Your Entire Being (Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga)

  • Jungian, Depth, & Transpersonal Psychology Techniques Using Images, Symbols, Dreams, Fairy Tales, Alchemy, Ritual, Nature


Are you curious how coaching and energy health guidance can help you?

Take the next step and become a success story! Let’s talk.

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